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The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Fee Schedule

Share Account Fees
Par Value of One Share $25.00
Account Closing Fee $10.00 if closed within first 90 days of account opening
Check Cashing Fee (No fee for checks drawn on SCU) $15.00 fee is waived when deposit or loan relations is more than $150.00
Minimum Balance Fee $5.00 per month if $150 daily minimum balance is not maintained. This is waived if if you have another share or loan with SCU.
Share Draft Account Fees
All Accounts Copy of Paid Draft Fee $3.00 per item
All Accounts Share Overdraft Fee $3.00 per transfer
Money Market Minimum Balance Fee $5.00 per month if minimum balance is not maintained
Classic Checking Paper Statement Fee $3.50 per month
Classic Business Checking Account - Minimum Balance Fee $12.00 per month if minimum balance is not maintained
Share Draft Insufficient/Uncollected Funds - Returned (NSF) $32.00 per item
Share Draft Insufficient/Uncollected Funds - Overdraft Privilege (ODP) $32.00 per item
Share Draft Printing Fee Prices may vary depending upon style
Stop Payment Fee $35.00 per request
Club Account Fees
Christmas Club - Excessive Withdrawal Fee $5.00 per withdrawal after one (1) free withdrawal per club period.
Vacation Club - Excessive Withdrawal Fee $5.00 per withdrawal after two (2) free withdrawals per year.
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee $20.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Account Research Fee $20.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Account Conversion Fee $25.00 per conversion
Cashing Rapid Refund Loan Check $25.00
Official Check $5.00 per check
Collection Item Fee $32.00 per item
Deposited Item Return Fee-First Return for NSF $5 per item on the first deposited NSF return 
Deposited Item Return Fee-Returned for NSF Second Time Or For Any Other Reason  $32.00 per item 
Loan Payment Return $5.00 per item
Dormancy Fee $5.00 per month after two (2) years
Legal Process Fee (Lien, Levy, etc) $20.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Money Order Fee $3.00 per item
Insufficient/Uncollected Funds Fee $32.00 per item
Loan Payment Online $9.99 per payment/fee waived when scheduled as recurring payment
Loan Payment by Telephone  $9.99 per payment
RDC Monthly Fee $50.00 per month
Return Mail Fee $5.00 per item
Statement Copy Fee $3.00 per copy
Wire Transfer (Incoming Fee) $10.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing Fee) $20.00 per transfer
Verification of Deposit by Fax Fee $3.00 per request
Safe Deposit Box
Rental (annual)
Lost key - $75.00/Drill - $150.00
3x5 - $20.00
3x10 - $30.00
5x10 - $40.00
10x10 - $70.00
ATM/Debit Card Fees
Foreign ATM Fee $1.00 per use of a foreign ATM machine
Replacement Debit / Credit Card Fee $15.00 per item
Replacement Credit Card PIN Fee $3.00 per occurrence
Credit Card Fees
Credit Card Late Payment Fee $15.00
Credit Card Balance Transfer and Cash Advance Fee 3% on all cash advances and balance transfers