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The Southeastern CU Difference

Our Mission: Deliver value, Provide legendary service.

Why bank with Southeastern?

  • We’re a not-for-profit financial institution. That means that unlike banks, we exist to serve our members, not to maximize profits.
  • We reinvest any profits we earn back into the Credit Union in order to offer lower rates on loans, higher rates on deposits, and fewer fees.
  • Just $25 deposited into a Share Savings account makes you a member-owner, meaning that you actually own a portion of the Credit Union and have a say in how it's run. 

Did you know?

Lower loan interest rates and fewer fees saved credit union members in the state of Georgia more than 184.8 million last year.

At Southeastern, our primary focus is serving you. 

Start banking better today!

Banking with Southeastern is EASY!

We are a community-chartered Credit Union, meaning anyone who lives or works in one of the fourteen counties on the map can join. Businesses and other legal entities located in any of our fourteen counties are also eligible for membership. Membership is even a family affair; immediate family of members can join no matter where they live. And once a member, always a member!

Counties we serve

  • Ben Hill
  • Berrien
  • Brooks
  • Colquitt
  • Cook
  • Echols
  • Irwin
  • Lanier
  • Lowndes
  • Pierce
  • Thomas
  • Tift
  • Turner
  • Ware
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